The Earthly Work of Heaven

The best proof of the resurrected Jesus is not the sacred text, historical evidence, or eyewitness accounts, the most persuasive, irrefutable validation is YOU! Someone once said, “I know Jesus changed my life because I was there when it happened!” You are audible, visible proof of the life-changing power of Jesus. When told succinctly and clearly, your story of how you met Christ is the on-ramp for others to place their faith in Christ. Jesus’ famous last words were “you shall be my witness.” The ones who heard Him changed the world. This week we are reorienting our thoughts towards sharing our Jesus. As you read the devos, think deeply, slowly and pray for a heart shift. Somebody you know needs to hear about Jesus. A big thanks to the many of you that have shared and reposted the devos.

The Earthly Work of Heaven


“And since we have gifts . . . let each exercise them accordingly . . .” Romans 12:6


The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the great earthly work of heaven. Its task of taking the gospel of the Kingdom to all nations and building those who receive the gospel into dynamic people who will cover the earth with righteousness, will ultimately succeed. The motivating, equipping power in this task is the Holy Spirit. When an individual becomes a Christian by surrendering his or her life to the Lordship of Jesus, the Holy Spirit baptizes that person into the body of Christ, places them into a specific congregation, and releases into them some gift of service. This service gift is the key to their participation in the body. From that point forward, the natural talent of a person is overshadowed by the supernatural gifting of the Holy Spirit. As the supernatural gifting is discovered, fully accepted, and allowed to direct, the Christian not only finds his or her personal destiny and fulfillment, but along with other brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who serve according to their gifting, the church rises in each generation to join the Lord Jesus and His church.

Without the discovery of this personal gifting of the Holy Spirit, service in the church can be a stale drudgery, but with the gift of the Spirit, the supernatural power of heaven is touched, meaning and purpose are realized, and the work of the Lord Jesus succeeds.


Dear Jesus, empower me with your energy to serve in your church.