Peace of Heart

We are under constant pressure of external forces working to get us to give up on God, to walk away from faithfulness. You will have to fight back. Don't let this world get the best of you. This week we are journeying through a few verses in Psalm 37 which remind us to continue to trust in the Lord, to stay focused and stay faithful and see the faithfulness of God. 

Peace of Heart


“Rest in the Lord, . . .” Psalm 37:7


Peace, it eludes most people. We will go to any lengths to gain peace. The search for peace has led to many dead ends. So, where do we find it? How do we attain it? 

The answers to these questions rush to the forefront. Some will say it’s a matter of temperament, people are just born to take life easy. But you may say, “that’s not me, I’m a regular Martha. I’m a regular worrier and that’s the way I will always be.” 

Others will say peace is matter of health. It’s easy to avoid worry when one’s health is good. But when sickness or fatigue sets in, even the little things can feel like a huge burden. 

Many believe money is the answer to peace. When the bank account is full and life is prospering, it’s easy to feel peaceful. But when you can’t make ends meet from month to month, peace is the last thing you can afford.

Of course, all these responses have some truth to them. Peace is easier to experience if you are naturally happy, in good health, and have money in the bank. However, these were not the sources of peace for the people in scripture. 

Think of Jesus, standing in the shadow of Gethsemane and Calvary, when He said, “my peace I leave with you.” Think of Paul in the depth of a dark, dreary, dingy Roman prison when he wrote, “the peace of God which passes all understanding.” Think of the prophets and psalmist facing trouble, turbulence, and trials while serving God in the midst of disruption and disobedience, writing calmly, convincingly, of the peace of trusting God.

It was not personality, money, or health, or any outward circumstances that birthed the promises of the peace of scripture. It was the presence of God, living in pain, poverty, and problems. They found they had a heavenly Father who knew their needs and points of difficulty. They found that God was responsible for providing for them. That’s the secret of finding deep, true peace of heart.


Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you.