The Travelers Companion

We are under constant pressure of external forces working to get us to give up on God, to walk away from faithfulness. You will have to fight back. Don't let this world get the best of you. This week we are journeying through a few verses in Psalm 37 which remind us to continue to trust in the Lord, to stay focused and stay faithful and see the faithfulness of God. 

The Travelers Companion


“Commit your way to the Lord, . . .” Psalm 37:5


The road, it’s a familiar image throughout scripture. The road stretches from one end of scripture to the other. Over and over our life is compared to a way, a journey encompassing changing conditions and circumstances as we move toward our ultimate home.

Everybody travels a road in life. It’s to the travelers the psalmist gives advice for the journey. He warns us the terrain is tumultuous. Sometimes we come to a steep climb where we have to take a breath, slow our pace. If we are to make progress on this precipitous path, our feet will have to be prepared with the gospel. The gospel gives us the grit to stand strong in the steep difficult places. 

There’s a stretch of the road that’s level, it looks peaceful, but its danger is hidden. There’s nothing more tiring than a road that has no ups or downs. It demands we do the same thing over and over, never varying or exploring new vistas, or using new muscles. Just the same ole monotonous steps every day. Success along this part of the road, without the scent of lilies or majestic mountain views, requires we cultivate communion with God.

The road bends, turns, and leads us into a descent. Some travelers say the descent is more trying than the climb. It’s the season when strength begins to fade, it feels as though the best of our days are behind us. To move down the mountain, without slipping, takes more of God’s grace. We must keep a good attitude as we decrease so that He might increase.

In the way of life we come to the narrow way, visibility is low, we have to walk without vision or inspiration. There’s only guidance for a single step at a time. It’s the narrow way which creates capacity for the next section where the road suddenly opens up to a grand vision, our heart leaps to the fresh surprise with exhilarating joy. 

The Lord of the way is the traveler’s companion for all who are homeward bound. He walks with us every step of the way. 


Invite Him to travel with you into today’s terrain.