ACTS | Streaming Light

Streaming Light


“. . . like the face of an angel.” Acts 6:15


We are the reflection of the things we behold. What we look at determines the direction in which our life will move. 

Stephen had followed the life of Jesus, so closely that his trial and death echoed the trial and death of Jesus. It wasn’t just the physical suffering, it was the spirit of forgiveness and trust that was recreated.  It was the light of Jesus that caused Stephen’s face to shine.

We reflect the light of the things we live with. Our struggles and victories have a way of transforming us, giving us a new face, a new countenance. In much the same way, Jesus lived in the presence of His heavenly Father. Hour after hour he lingered in the presence of the Father of light. He had caught the light of what he lived with and in one moment he was transfigured.

We reflect the light of the things we look at. It’s difficult to admit that. Life is filled with money matters, dirty dishes, movies, media, music, social life, friends, family, fears, and frustrations. These are not light sources, yet we catch and carry their light every day, our countenance is created by them. We stream the light we see.

If our life is a mass of darkness and shadows, then those shadows are projected onto the world around us until finally the sun is eclipsed by the night of our heart. If life is filled with gloom, resentment, and heaviness of burdens, but we behold the light of the world and are illuminated by His light, His light is thrown upon the world in which we live. Our gaze becomes one of bravery and beauty and the burdens are beautifully borne. 

The life of God is reflected through common things. A common bush in the back side of a desert is set on fire with an unearthly fire. At the touch of God, dull things become brilliant, the sour turns sweet, storm clouds are outlined by rays of sun behind them. Familiar becomes fantastically faithful. In the light of the world, the whole world looks different.


Is it possible the light in you has gone out?