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Infinitely Higher


“They put forward false witnesses . . .” Acts 6:13


There will always be opposition to the mission of Jesus. The closer we get to bringing His kingdom to earth the bigger the target will be in our life. Your identification with Jesus and His cause makes you either an interest, concern, or a threat to the ways of darkness. So don’t be surprised by the haters you encounter along the road of faithfulness. The apostles weren’t and Jesus wasn’t either.

Jesus, knowing opposition would come, didn’t leave them detailed instruction which would tell them what to do in every situation. Our enemy will take on many forms to level his attacks on our life.  Neither did Jesus leave them a code of laws of rigid conduct addressing all the circumstances they would face. The enemy always seeks to distract and derail Jesus’ disciples from carrying out the ways of Jesus. 

Jesus promised to give them the Spirit of truth and that Spirit would guide them into all truth. He knew situations would arise they could not foresee. Jesus went beyond rules and regulation. He went above the old religious ways, to something infinitely higher, to the living God Himself. The response of each Christ-follower in every circumstance was one of confidence and vigor, knowing in that moment the Spirit would empower their action, inspire their choices, and give them the words they were to speak. 

The church is always facing the danger of forgetting the call of Jesus, to break out of the old system and live in His freeing Spirit, because a system is always safer than a Spirit. Put someone on a predetermined assembly line, assure them they are on a predestined path of salvation, and they will never care greatly for Christ and the kingdom. 

But empower them with the living, flowing Spirit, and enable them to surrender their mind, heart, and soul and be ready for fresh innovation and fresh advance of His saving power, and they will be led into the divine and dangerous ways of doing things Jesus’ way. Jesus promised the spirit of truth. That is what we want. Don’t be afraid of it.


What does it mean to break out of the old system?