ACTS | There's One in Every Crowd

There’s One in Every Crowd


“. . . and Nicolas, a proselyte from Antioch.” Acts 6:5


Make sure you are not the problem. We must be ever vigilant to watch over our heart. To be on guard against envy, jealousy, and sin of every kind. The battle is not always with our sin nature,  sometimes it’s from our old habits and patterns formed by the choices in our past. We do what we do because we are used to it, familiar with it, and comfortable with it.

Nicolas was a derailed disciple. He was a gentile convert. Some early church historians claim he’s linked with starting the cult of Nicolatians whose main purpose was to dilute the decisions of the church. If we were to assume this to be true, that he was the author of heresy designed to distract the church from its primary mission, this would teach us an important lesson.

There’s one in every crowd. In the early days of the first disciples, among the twelve there was Judas. And in Paul’s era, there was Demas, serving in the midst of Paul’s most trusted followers. And so there was Nicolas, among these first appointed to serve the church’s needs. There is no holy place, no sacred office, no ministry that corruption can’t find its way in.

A Judas or a Nicolas can lurk amidst the unseen in the unsuspected places within the church. The enemy has a way of seeking God’s people out, tracking them down just as he did with Jesus in the desert. Positions, titles, and origins will not make any of us immune to the attack of deceit.

With every new level of ministry, the Nicolas’ will always bring with them additional temptations. As someone once said, “new levels, new devils.” There will be traps with which we are not unfamiliar. Seductions and deadfalls we have not encountered. We should, therefore, be watchful over our life and ministry, that there is no place in our life that can produce bitter fruit.


Is there any imbalance in your faith you need to confess to the Lord? Do it at once, keep your heart clean.