Spiritual Cosmetics

Thinking about ourselves is second nature – it's what we do. Every day it's the job, the kids, the to-do list, the meals. We are experts at doing us. Self-preoccupation is not necessarily a sign of selfishness. It's more the pressing of the daily demands of life. We love God and we love people, so why don't we do more to notice the needs of others? Because it takes effort to be aware and alert to the hurts of others. It takes the regular practice of compassion. This week’s devos are created to help us look up and around at the needs of others and respond to the lack in the lives of others. Let the thoughts in the devos provoke your spirit to stay awake to the weak and needy. This week the most powerful thing you can do is to live what you read. Feel free to post the devos or pass them along to others.

Spiritual Cosmetics


“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! . . .” Psalm 136:1


You can stop it now! Stop always trying to make yourself presentable to God. Accept it, God loves you. God is love, it’s who He is and it’s what He does. He loves, at all times. He’s not fickle or flaky, He’s not temperamental or unreasonable. Your deepest awareness is you are loved by God.

So you can stop lying to yourself. You don’t need to put on spiritual cosmetics to make yourself acceptable to God. God loves you, now bask in it.

Have you ever thought about the way God views you? What do you think goes through God’s mind when He sees you? What kind of expression is on God’s face when He considers your life? What emotions does He experience? You might be surprised to know that He even considers your life. He beams with pride when He watches you go about your day!

A key ingredient for coming to truly know and love the real God is gaining an accurate understanding of how He sees us. If we believe that God is distant and not particularly concerned with our lives, it will be difficult to feel that we can truly come to know Him. If we think that God is constantly inspecting us or disappointed with us, we will find it hard to love Him. It is only when we experience God’s delight in us, as His children, that we are free to truly experience delight in Him in turn.

Listen with your heart and you will hear the sweet sound of amazing grace saving you from amazing self-deception. God loves you as you are, He also knows you as you are, and you haven’t done anything to deserve it.

Let it sink into your spirit. God loves you, He’s proud of you. Now, let it flow out of you towards your own family. How do you show that you are happy about knowing them? Have you shown it in words or deeds? How would it be evident that you were proud of your parents or spouse and kids? 


How is God’s love of you affecting your family? List as many ways as you can.