The Perfect Plan

Thinking about ourselves is second nature – it's what we do. Every day it's the job, the kids, the to-do list, the meals. We are experts at doing us. Self-preoccupation is not necessarily a sign of selfishness. It's more the pressing of the daily demands of life. We love God and we love people, so why don't we do more to notice the needs of others? Because it takes effort to be aware and alert to the hurts of others. It takes the regular practice of compassion. This week’s devos are created to help us look up and around at the needs of others and respond to the lack in the lives of others. Let the thoughts in the devos provoke your spirit to stay awake to the weak and needy. This week the most powerful thing you can do is to live what you read. Feel free to post the devos or pass them along to others.

The Perfect Plan


“Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; and let those who love Your salvation say continually, ‘Let God be magnified!’ ” Psalm 70:4


Broken relationships are at the root of many of the world’s problems. A broken relationship with God and broken relationships with one another can be found underneath so many of the challenges we face.

Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden were damaged relationships with God. But here’s the good news, God went looking for Adam and Eve in the Garden because He deeply longed for a relationship with them. And even as He encountered Adam and Eve’s painful choices, God announced His plan for restoring relationship.

God was sorrowed because of the loss of relationship with Adam and Eve. He couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from the ones He loved, so God devised a plan to reconnect to His children, and to you and me. God’s plan was to send His Son into our world to become one of us. Jesus came to earth to cancel the brokenness of sin, so you and I could know the experience of God’s love for us.

God looks for us because He wants a relationship with us. He longs to relate to you. He couldn’t bear the thought of being disconnected from Adam and Eve, and He feels the same way about you and me. How does it make you feel to know that God’s heart hurts when He thinks about being disconnected from you? This carries over into our relationships with family and friends. We hurt when family or friends break off a relationship.

As we reflect on how God hurts when He thinks about being disconnected from us, we feel the same when family are disconnected. How does your heart respond as you consider God’s plan for repairing His relationship with you? If you have already received His gift of relationship, and have become a follower of Jesus, how might you declare your love for Him?


Is there a disconnect between you and a family member? God mended the gap with you, could you do the same with others?