Creative Supply

Thinking about ourselves is second nature – it's what we do. Every day it's the job, the kids, the to-do list, the meals. We are experts at doing us. Self-preoccupation is not necessarily a sign of selfishness. It's more the pressing of the daily demands of life. We love God and we love people, so why don't we do more to notice the needs of others? Because it takes effort to be aware and alert to the hurts of others. It takes the regular practice of compassion. This week’s devos are created to help us look up and around at the needs of others and respond to the lack in the lives of others. Let the thoughts in the devos provoke your spirit to stay awake to the weak and needy. This week the most powerful thing you can do is to live what you read. Feel free to post the devos or pass them along to others.

Creative Supply


“But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at last your care for me has flourished again; . . .” Philippians 4:10


God has lots of creative ways that He meets our needs. Sometimes He meets our needs with abundant supply even before we’re aware we have a need. Take your need to breathe, for example. God uniquely designed the human body to need oxygen. He also creatively designed all plants on earth to produce oxygen. You were born needing oxygen. God provided oxygen even before you were aware of your need. 

Discipleship requires the courage to risk everything on Jesus, along with the willingness to keep growing and the readiness to face failure. Paul had risked it all for the sake of the call. He daringly stepped out into the borderlands of God’s will, with no more than an inkling of what was next. Throughout his voyage of courage, he discovered the creative supply of God. God had used the Philippians to provide financial assistance for Paul and his work for the Lord. Part of Paul’s provision was from the Philippian church.

One of God’s other creative ways to meet your needs is by including other people in the process. God designed relationships like family, friends, and the Church to keep His abundant supply in circulation. So perhaps you need some encouragement today. God has put you in relationships with people who can deliver some of God’s encouragement, just for you. Maybe you need some support today. God has provided friends, family, and, sometimes even people you don’t know, who can be a part of meeting that need.


Think on how God has done that in your life. You may have been unaware of God’s creative supply, but how has God provided for you through other people? When do you remember sensing some of God’s special care, delivered through another person? Think of how you are passing this along within your family. Take time to thank God for His provision. The apostle Paul rejoiced greatly in the Lord because of how He provided through other people. Can you do the same?