ACTS | Gripped by the Call

Gripped by the Call


“And Stephen, . . . was performing great wonders and signs among the people.” Acts 6:8


Great things begin as small things. What looks like a small opportunity now, can grow to be a career-changer. Situations which seem insignificant, can be a turning point for the better. This is true of life. The seed of an apple is small, but when planted and given time to grow will produce a giant tree of apples. Little is much when the Lord is in it. This is why the scriptures remind us not to despise the day of small beginnings.

This is the way most things develop, they begin as a seed and they grow. New situations always call for new seeds. New challenges call for new devices, new provisions, new methods, and above all, new leaders.

As the size of the church increased, the size of the needs increased as well. The work of the teaching and preaching ministry expanded; the ministry to those in need was neglected. The church faced new and growing needs. Complaints were sent to the overworked clergy. Stephen was one of the seven appointed to do this particular work. 

So Stephen got his start, a young man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Stephen responded to the pressure of God’s purpose. This is the way most who make a significant impact get their start. They are gripped by the call of God. They step out of the crowd to deal with unexpected situations. They are drawn by events which can no longer remain unmet. 

Jesus began as a teacher in a local synagogue. He ended as the Savior of the world. Paul began as a man struck blind on the Damascus road and ended as the man who turned the world upside down. Stephen started as a server at the tables of the needy and ended as the first martyr. 

Your service may not lead to fame. It may be the raising a family to love Jesus. It may be caring for a sick family member, or bearing the burden of another. But you are the answer to the call God has made on you. As you rise to meet the need, something new is born in you.


What’s God calling you to do?