Finding Intimacy

Thank you for reading the CP daily devos. This week we are discovering the power of how knowing Jesus changes us, others, and the world in which we live. These devos are written weekly and designed to stir your spirit and help you to contemplate the truths we discuss on Sunday. Make our devos a part of your daily rhythm of loving Jesus, learning His ways, and leading others. Something to be aware of, as you read, is the title of each devo is found within the devo itself. Make sure to post them up or pass them along for others to read and enjoy.

Finding Intimacy


“. . . in humility receive . . .” James 1:21

Intimacy is responding to Jesus’ invitation to make our home in Him. We don’t have to wait for a heavenly mansion in the next life. Today, Jesus simply invites us into a safe place, right in the midst of our chaotic and anxious world. Intimacy is a sacred place where we don’t have to be afraid, where we are confident of love.

Yet, there are many who spend life in flight from God and themselves. They remain homeless without any real intimacy. They have become strangers to themselves, people who have an address, but never come home. They never hear the voice of love, or experience the freedom of being God’s children. Finding intimacy has its advantages. 

Flushes out toxins in our spirit.
We have a lifetime of grime from the world in us. It’s created a dullness between us and God. We need a spiritual bath to wash away anger, slander, and impatience, and all defilement from contact with a fallen world.

Fixes our soul on Jesus.
The soul aggressively engaged in pursuing intimacy is positioned to overcome temptation. Purity is experienced when our soul is fixed on loving Jesus more than longing after anything else.

Fuels our seeking only Jesus.
Developing the habit of seeking Him, we become too busy to be easily offended by others, or self-absorbed with our inadequacies. Seeking shows us God’s life doesn’t vary our zeal for Him.

Focuses our sense of God.
Many live without a sense of God’s nearness. Nothing but an intimate relationship with Jesus will satisfy the inner cry birthed by the Holy Spirit. 

Frees us from shame.
As we interact with Jesus, we grow in the knowledge that we are accepted, loved, and cherished by God. Knowing God’s approving smile frees us from insecurity and fear of others.

Fills our suffering.
The heart can be wounded in many ways. We need to introduce our hurts to the Healer. When we surrender our suffering to Him, Jesus becomes our focus, not our tragedies.

Fights separation.
The enemy’s strategy is to pull us away from trust into a spirit of trying. At this point, we are passive, aimless, and easy prey for sin to set in.

How is your intimacy with Jesus increasing?