Colliding with Conflict

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Colliding with Conflict

“. . . receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.” James 1:21

As long as we live with others, there will be conflict. When we collide with others, no matter the condition or cause, be assured conflict will come into our lives, and when it does, every follower of Jesus will have the opportunity to honor God by responding as His Word says we should. James’ words above reflect the views of the other writers. He summarized what our response should be when conflicts come:

Tune in.
The text implies that we should listen to those who are teaching God’s Word. When we do, we learn truth and can apply it. The text also implies that we should listen to others. If we fail to listen, we can’t hear what others are saying or what God is trying to say to us. There is a special blessing for those who listen before they speak.

Think before we speak.
Conflicts bring emotions. When we are emotionally engaged, we often say the first things that come into our mind. James reminded us to be “slow to speak,” to think about what we say, before we say it. A warning for you, when you hold your words, your flesh won’t like it. You’ll feel the urge to retaliate, don’t give in. God will give you peace because you held your peace. 

Turn away from anger.
When we sense we are losing control of our emotions, we should stop, take a deep breath, and reflect on what is happening. Anger fails to “produce the righteousness of God.” No one has ever grown closer to God by having a quick temper. Every time you lose your temper and speak too quickly, you lose credibility and the opportunity to influence those around you for Christ. Choose to be loving, no sharp-tongued sarcasm. Say nothing hurtful, snub evil, cultivate good. You’ll be glad you did. 

We know what God’s Word says about dealing with conflict. Now we need to obey.

You will have opportunity to practice these principles, so be ready to do the right thing, be a doer of your word!