Buoyant Trust

Thank you for reading the CP daily devos. This week we are discovering the power of how knowing Jesus changes us, others, and the world in which we live. These devos are written weekly and designed to stir your spirit and help you to contemplate the truths we discuss on Sunday. Make our devos a part of your daily rhythm of loving Jesus, learning His ways, and leading others. Something to be aware of, as you read, is the title of each devo is found within the devo itself. Make sure to post them up or pass them along for others to read and enjoy.

Buoyant Trust

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart . . .” Proverbs 3:5

Trust is in short supply these days. As we reach for quick answers and short cures, trust is the only thing that still works. How else can we face the raw heartache, anguish, cosmic disorder, and present threats? For all that ails our culture, stout buoyant trust is a must. Only in turning from the world and toward God, will we realize the advantages of trust.

Influences our choices.
In all aspects, God is to be relied upon. We are not just to think of Him only in special seasons and sacred places. He is to be recognized in the home, in business, at work, at recreation. All our actions, decisions and ways are yielded to Him. All our choices are made in His presence.

Inspires contrition.
Trust makes us aware we are subject to a higher will. We are dependent on life, breath, and everything. Trust helps us not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think of others. Through trust we are brought to the humble realization we don’t have the answers to life’s questions.

Informs conflict.
Times come when trust is misplaced, because it seems to go unrewarded. For a brief moment, Jesus Himself felt God had forsaken Him and He had trusted God in vain. But soon He said, “Into your hands I commit my spirit.” This is the ultimate act of trust.

Increases capacity.
Bitterness and cynicism could easily follow the struggle and frustration that are a part of everyday life, but the one who trusts, experiences the capacity to live beyond what can’t be explained, simply because they believe their life is in the trustworthy hands of God. Although trust will have to be maintained through tears and darkness, one who does will find the faithfulness of God strong.

Infuses comfort.
There is a comfort that after doing all we can do, our issues rest in the hands of a wiser, stronger Savior, that are stronger than our own. The one who trusts, works as though everything depends upon their own ability, yet commits everything to God. The storms of life may rock faith, but they will never drown it.

What if you put the weight of your life on all the wonderful things you say you believe about God?