Thank you for reading the CP daily devos. This week we are discovering the power of how knowing Jesus changes us, others, and the world in which we live. These devos are written weekly and designed to stir your spirit and help you to contemplate the truths we discuss on Sunday. Make our devos a part of your daily rhythm of loving Jesus, learning His ways, and leading others. Something to be aware of, as you read, is the title of each devo is found within the devo itself. Make sure to post them up or pass them along for others to read and enjoy.


“. . . which is able to save your souls.” James 1:21

There is a God. On this Christians agree. Our faith rests on His revelation of Himself. God forms our worldview. We can speak of God in many ways, but He remains vast and incomprehensible. He is great, beyond our ability to grasp Him, beyond our capacity to sense Him, He’s beautiful beyond our ability to appreciate Him. Our best descriptions fall short of all He is and give us only a glimpse of Him. When Christians describe God, there are many things we are confident of.

We are formed.
The most majestic word describing God is Creator. God is a creative force who created the heavens and earth, who summons and sustains. He’s the one who governs all reality. Enthroned above the earth, He reaches into the void like a potter forming clay into something that’s never been, then breathing life, bringing man into creation. God impressed His image, His will, conscience and purpose upon the heart and soul. We are formed in the image of God, and can, therefore, know Him personally.

We are fallen.
The fall of mankind began with Adam. Since that moment, we’ve been bent towards badness with an appetite for destruction and rebellion against what is good. Sin has made us sick, its virus has corrupted our soul, body, and mind. Our worldview says because our fallen-ness has polluted our mind, even our best reasoning is skewed by sin. Because of the fall, we all feel the gravitational pull towards darkness into a vortex of rebellion, unable to save ourselves.

We are found.
We are in need of rescue, there’s no way we can redeem ourselves. We are on a certain path of destruction hurling towards condemnation and eternal judgment. Therefore, Jesus, God in the flesh, died for us and rose from the dead. We receive His righteousness and forgiveness by a simple, childlike act of trust. By faith we are snatched from the jaws of destruction and death, and brought into God’s kingdom of light. We are given a new beginning and a new identity. Jesus is the means by which we are made right.

How has God provided the answer for our sin? How does knowing this deepen your life for God?