Tenderize Our Heart

Thank you for reading the CP daily devos. This week we are discovering the power of how knowing Jesus changes us, others, and the world in which we live. These devos are written weekly and designed to stir your spirit and help you to contemplate the truths we discuss on Sunday. Make our devos a part of your daily rhythm of loving Jesus, learning His ways, and leading others. Something to be aware of, as you read, is the title of each devo is found within the devo itself. Make sure to post them up or pass them along for others to read and enjoy.

Tenderize Our Heart


“. . . so then strip yourselves . . .” James 1:21

Love calls forth love. The more rooted we are in love, the more generously we will live our faith and practice it. In living out being loved, we move beyond the perfectionist to perform, and the unrealistic demands we impose on ourselves, beyond the idealistic claims of the ego which tells us who we should be and ought to be.

Regardless of the condition of your life, be it a state of grace or disgrace, elation or depression, God’s love for you is unchangeable. Yet, many believers live under heart-crushing condemnation, struggling in the painful misconception that God has judged them by their attainments and likewise rejected them.

God is not pacing impatiently back and forth in front of His throne moaning and sighing while covering His face in despair; throwing His hands up in frustration at every stumble and mistake we make. Even in the midst of our spiritual immaturity, God delights in us. He’s thrilled with the process and progress we are making, be it ever so small. He’s excited over you.

Our heart shouts back “God, how could you love me this much?” The enemy has done a good job at burdening us with empty cravings and pursuits. Our Galen world has obscured our eternal value. Sin has always been a bankrupt system, we just didn’t have the sense to know it. If only we would take the wisdom found in this verse to heart.

James gives vivid instruction. He tells us to strip off all vices and filthiness, in the same way we would strip off muddy, soiled clothes while standing in front of the washing machine. We are to rid ourselves of everything that has distorted our view of God.

As well, sin can make us tone deaf to God’s voice. We are to purge the blockage in our ears that kept us from hearing the spirit of truth say “God is madly in love with you.” We are to cut away the entanglements that have seared our conscience, and receive the inborn word which tenderizes our heart to love.

What thought idea, or belief needs to be stripped off of your heart?