ACTS | The Assignment

The Assignment


“. . . stand and speak to the people . . . the whole message of this life.” Acts 5:20


It’s for freedom that He has set you free, but not our own version of freedom to do with as we please. That kind of freedom leads only to burdens and burnout. It creates in our mind and heart a heaviness so great that the blessing of God cannot rest on us. Be careful to remember that we have been freed for only one thing – to be completely devoted to Jesus.

Our only responsibility is to live in constant close contact with God. Allow nothing to interrupt your connection with the Holy Spirit, and you will soon discover that God is at work and wherever He places us, our highest goal is to pour ourselves out in full devotion to His assignment for us.

The assignment given to the freed prisoners was to go back to where the opposition was the hottest and stand and speak the whole message of life. This assignment is the assignment given to every Christian. It’s always the disclosure of the reality of Jesus and His cross in relation to a need or a condition others are facing. 

The assignment to stand and speak the whole message of life centers our attention, not on us, but on the new life that is in Christ, His amazing resources redoubled by the resurrection and released to all, for all time, by His ascension. The assignment also includes each individual’s salvation being knit together with others in Him as the church, who are then to stand and speak to their community. 

Today, we are given the same assignment with this message of new life. We are not to argue with others about it, we are not to speculate about it or coerce others to accept it. Rather we are to tell people about it, describe it, picture it, explain it, illustrate it, proclaim it, and offer it. 


Today, make it a point to purposely accept the assignment of standing and speaking the message of life to others. As you go about your day, ask yourself this question; “Is the message of Jesus attractive through me?”