ACTS | A Triumphant Turnaround

A Triumphant Turnaround


“. . . opened the gates of the prison, taking them out . . .” Acts 5:19


God is a God of innovation. Just when we think it’s over and done and the last chapter of the story has been written; when all we can see is a dead end, God always has the last say so about how things are gonna go. God brings about a great reversal. He introduces a method no one had thought of. He creates a solution out of dire situations. He causes a shift in circumstances, because that’s what He does best. He’s a God who makes a way where there seems to be no way. 

This is the story of escape. The Bible is filled with stories of last minute turnarounds. Moses escapes from pharaoh, Jeremiah escapes from the bottom of the well, Daniel escapes from the lion’s den, Jesus escapes the angry crowd of Nazareth, Paul and Silas escape from prison, and the Bible tells the story of creation’s narrow escape from the grips of sin. 

Peter and the apostles’ prison break was not accomplished by their own efforts. They dug no tunnels, they picked no locks, they bore no holes. They made no attempt to find a way out. Instead, an angel of the Lord opened the doors. That’s just like God. In the bleak hours of the night, heaven initiates a triumphant turnaround. This remarkable escape was not a matter of chance or luck. 

God sends the help of angels. To today’s readers, the idea of angels is far-fetched and unreal. They occupy the painter’s canvas, the front of a greeting card, the cover of a giant family Bible. Not so for the apostles, to them angels were agents of heaven who carried out the will of God on the earth. 

Guardian angels, warring angels who’s to say? What matters for us is, God knows where we are, what we are facing and what we are fighting. He sends heaven to help us in hard situations. His innovative ways are part of the plan.


Where have you accepted dead-ends? Let your heart breathe again with the hope of the help of heaven.