ACTS | Inlfuence



“. . . at least his shadow might fall on any one of them.” Acts 5:15


You are an influencing force. Whether you are aware of it or not. Every day we are influencing others, either for good or bad. Those we come in contact with are being influenced by our life. Either we are moving others toward love and service of Jesus, or away from Him. Influence is like a coin. It has two sides. 

On one side is our conscious influence. The times when we make an intentional effort to be a compelling force in another’s life. We considered the outcome and the choices needed to impact someone’s behavior, thought and choices. The fact is we, as Christians, are all called to do good and direct all our power and creativity to sway the lives of others Godward. 

On the other side is our unconscious influence. It’s the result not of what we do but who we are. The presence of our unconscious influence is unvarying and certain in its effect and power. Just as Peter was unaware of his shadow falling on those laid in his pathway, so our unconscious influence is the accumulative result of our character, words, manners, and actions. It’s the unseen details of our life that shape the lives of others. 

Conscious influence is the product of exertion. Unconscious influence is the natural outcome of existence. Our premeditated influence may, at times, fail or may be false, but our unintentional influence is at work every moment and its effects are unavoidable. Our daily choices regarding work, money, friends, and family paint a picture of our belief in Christ and His value in our life for the whole world to see. 


Think about your unspoken influence on others. What are people hearing you say about Jesus through your life?