ACTS | Fit for Great Works

Fit For Great Works


“. . . and they chose Stephen, . . .” Acts 6:5


Greatness doesn’t always feel great. Often success doesn’t feel successful. Stephen was a hard worker for the kingdom, he served the church well during a time of crisis. He was a man of integrity, a person who possessed a deep understanding and rich insight of God’s work in history. Stephen was a martyr. He left this life in a blaze of glory. 

God gifts His followers to do amazing things. The gifts of the Spirit are not limited to tasks, nor are they merely relationship traits from which those around us benefit. The gifting of God includes intellectual ability, the ability to think, reason and speak persuasively, are as much the result of the presence of the Spirit as any other demonstration. Stephen’s speech is the perfect example. 

Stephen was a follower of Christ fit for great works. He was free from a sense of self-importance. He had set aside his personal preferences, and he was purified by the grace and Spirit of Jesus. Stephen had been given magnificent courage. 

We might be tempted to think Stephen would only serve in a high-visibility role of the church. Yet, this great Christian was content to look after widows, to tend to their daily needs, and secure for them a place in the community of faith. This was not an easy task. It often involved long hours, filled with criticism and complaints. 

Only the church could inspire the best of people to serve in difficult duties, to give their devotion and the best part of their life to work no one would ever notice. This humble hero-less, thankless ministry gives us a great lesson. 

There is no work in the local church that is beneath any of us. Regardless of our talent, ability, or social status, there’s no work too small for a great follower of Jesus. No job too menial for any of us to do. We are called to use our gifts and lay our life alongside the hurting, the helpless, and the homeless, and serve with gladness and joy.


It’s time to set aside your ego and find a place to serve within the church.