ACTS | Lets Pray About it

Let’s Pray About It


“But we will devote ourselves to prayer . . .” Acts 6:4


God has an expectation of you. He expects you to be unbendingly confident of Him. God expects us to be so assured of Him that we will not make a move or decision without first praying and seeking His leadership in the matters we are facing. 

Luke shows us that, as the church grew, new structures were needed. However, the new structures did not hinder the original vision of the church. In fact, he points out that in the midst of internal change, the church continued to grow. The church grew because of one central reason – prayer. They had a “let’s pray about it” attitude.

“Let’s pray about it” was the first response of the church’s leadership to every crisis and challenge they faced. No matter the issues, prayer was the priority. We are given a glimpse into their attitudes about prayer. The apostles’ “let’s pray about it,” attitude was shaped by four actions.

Leaders are led by God, the ultimate leader.

To represent God to others, the leadership must be attuned to the desires of God for the church. Prayer plants the nature of God within us. As we think His thoughts, we lead as He leads.

Leaders Pray for the church.

A significant portion of Jesus’ prayer life was spent interceding for others. Paul mentions praying for the people he was pastoring in ten of his thirteen letters. 

Leaders pray with the church.

Many Christians look back at times of crisis in their lives knowing they wouldn’t have made it without their pastors praying with them.

Leaders lead the community in prayer.

As it was when the seven were chosen, it was the leaders’ commitment to pray that prioritized prayer as a movement. When the church sees that its leaders are in constant touch with God, the desire among the community increases. 


Developing a “let’s pray about it” attitude will always leave an indelible impression on those around us. What kind of reputation do you have as a person of prayer among those whom you lead?