ACTS | Like a River

Like a River


“. . . they even carried the sick out into the streets . . .” Acts 5:15


For the apostles, healing wasn’t a side show. Rather, they continued to minister in the miraculous. The miracles intensified, the sick were brought out into the streets. People were coming from surrounding towns just to have Peter’s shadow fall on them. It’s interesting to note that emphasis in the miraculous did not cheapen the gospel. The church did not lower its standards or lose its message. The result was many believed and were added to the church.

The healings tell us something of the far-reaching influence of one who is filled with the power of God. Peter was not special. We know from his past, he was a man of inadequacies and insecurities, just like all of us. They teach a lesson. They teach us that a believer’s influence is in direct proportion to their dedication. The closer he moves to Jesus, the greater the radius of his influence increases.

Christ followers are to have such a confidence in the resurrected Jesus that it would cause others to turn away from the cheap offer of the world. We are to have a quiet confidence. We are not proud, for we know we can do nothing without Him. Yet, we are never fearful, for we know we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. We are channels of the healing love of Jesus from which all barriers have been removed. 

Stop thinking Peter was any different than you. It’s not a matter of education, Peter had none. It’s not a matter of talent or genius. Peter was neither. It’s not a matter of moral perfection. Peter hadn’t much to brag about. It’s not a matter of power or prestige. Peter was a fisherman and just out of jail. 

He did the one thing that any of us can do. He lived in close contact to the Spirit of Jesus. He associated with the presence of Jesus. It cleared a way for the life of Christ to live through him. Then he let it flow. Like a river it carried away the debris of the enemy. Like a river it made the hurting whole again.


What’s blocking Jesus from flowing through you?