Just Listen

Just Listen


“So the men of Israel . . . did not ask for the counsel of the Lord.” Joshua 9:14


When facing seasons of uncertainty, when in need of clarity and direction, in those seasons it’s our duty to listen to God. Learning to listen destroys self-sufficiency. It teaches us to rely on more than just our common sense. There’s never a need to rush ahead of God’s timing, instead, just wait and listen.

Develop the habit of saying, “speak Lord, I’m listening.” Every time circumstances press in on you, just listen. When the next step is unclear, just listen. When options are many, just listen, He will speak to you. He’s always guided those who seek Him.

The steps of the righteous are ordered. God has always guided the steps of those willing to follow Him. God has led in various ways. He led Abraham through a whisper; Jacob and Joseph through dreams. He led Moses through a voice, vision, and miracle alike. Joshua through a promise, Gideon through an angel, Samuel through a heightened sensitivity to God’s voice. The prophets were led by great thoughts and glimpses of the future. The wise men from the East were led by a star. The Ethiopian by a single page of prophecy. God is still speaking today.

Thankfully we are not left to reading tea leaves, betting on lucky numbers, and following the advice of fortune cookies. We don’t have to be led by superstition, speculation, or guess our way towards destiny. 

We can read the scripture. To read is to enter its history, search its parables, let its stories penetrate our heart. We read expectantly with hopefulness and watchfulness. As we do, we discover there’s a Bible within the Bible. There’s something beyond the ink and paper. Setting our life before the scriptures and our eyes on the page, we enter the sanctuaries and sacred places of the prophets, poets, and kings. As we read, old wells are opened, water flows from the deep rocks of solid truth. We are refreshed with the direction of heaven. 


Today, pick the Bible up and read it and just listen.