Accompanying Confidence

Accompanying Confidence


“. . . We are your servants; now then, make a covenant with us.” Joshua 9:11


The heroes of the Bible were not fatalist. They didn’t live carelessly or haphazardly. They never threw caution to the wind. Each of them was assigned a specific task with its own unique focus. The one thing they had in common was the assurance that God’s presence was accompanying them. 

All Abraham had was a promise that God would promote, protect, and provide for Him. So he displayed great confidence in God and set out to follow Him. And then there was Moses, charged to take on large scale deliverance, armed with the accompanying promise that the great “I AM” had sent him. David was a psalmist and a King. All the good he accomplished began when the Lord had mightily come upon him. Each of these extraordinary people had been assured God was with them and, as a result, accomplished great and mighty things for God. 

Joshua was a military leader with strong spiritual influence. His hard fought and hard won victories were driven by the confidence that God would give him the ground he stepped on. One can only wonder how such a great and Godly man, schooled in the discipline of laying his cares and uncertainties before the Lord and waiting for God’s guidance, could be fooled by moldy bread and blown out sandals. 

Joshua was a warrior who could be threatened and not flinch. All the pleading in the world could not deter him from following the path of duty. But the Gibeonites had found Joshua’s one weakness – flattery. They told him of how they had heard of his many victories and how his fame had spread to faraway lands. Joshua liked thinking that people knew who he was. The Gibeonites had him twisted around their little finger.

The moment we abandon our dependence on God, our spiritual life begins to disintegrate. Never allow anything that divides or destroys your confidence in God. Beware of allowing your ego, the opinion of others, or circumstances to separate you from God’s leadership of your life.


Think through the major areas of your life, do you have the confidence the way you are living is pleasing to God?