Caught Up in the Moment

Caught Up in the Moment


“They went to Joshua to the camp at Gilgal . . .” Joshua 9:6


All decisions have consequences. We simply are not aware of all that will happen as a result of our choices. Had Joshua seen all that hung on his decision to make a covenant with the Gibeonites, he would’ve asked for God’s guidance. We must develop the habit of seeking God’s counsel in all matters great and small. Knowing that when we are faithful with little, we will be faithful in much.

Oftentimes we are too smart for our own good. We talk ourselves into making commitments because we are caught up in the moment, we are thinking of our present happiness and personal gain. 

We don’t realize when we are being deceived by envy, jealousy, and evil desires. A significant portion of Joshua chapter nine is taken up with the Gibeonites convincing Joshua to make a covenant with them. Like the Gibeonites temptation has a way of coming in disguise. It reasons with us. It says “I’ve come a long way; I’m not an enemy of yours, you can trust me.” Temptation tries to look reasonable, it brings with it credentials to convince us to act. 

Truth requires no such introduction. Truth is fearless. It needs no justification. Truth can apologize with dignity, truth can react with candor. Truth doesn’t have to explain itself, it just is. It doesn’t need long, drawn out soliloquies. It may at times be tough to hear, but eventually, if we will listen and look at ourselves honestly, it will set us free. But often we can’t, won’t, or refuse to see the truth. Anytime our rationalization is equal to the temptation, deception is heavy upon us, and we are caught up in the moment.  

The implication of Joshua not seeking God’s counsel is that if he had inquired of the Lord, he could have seen the truth, he would have known he was being scammed. The danger of making prayerless decisions couldn’t be clearer.  Seek Him in all you do.


Today choose to factor God’s guidance in your decisions.