God Knows Better

God Knows Better


“And Joshua made peace with them . . .” Joshua 9:15


Looking back over life, usually the times we are most ashamed of are the times we didn’t yield to the will of God. An unrealistic thought and consideration of ourselves is what detoured us from the desire of God. Sure we have our ways of covering up false motives with pretense and spiritual jargon, but at the root of our selfish choices is us telling God He doesn’t know what He’s doing and our will is better than His.  

But God knows better. We are slow to learn this simple lesson. We are often unresponsive to God’s gentle nudges. Most times before we make the choice of following God’s ways, a crisis must take place in order to push us out of our stubbornness to decide to follow God’s way.

When making a major decision whether in family, finance, or business, do not act on impulse or feelings. Not having God’s leadership will make a bad situation worse. You’ll find yourself facing a complicated situation it could take years to untangle. Never move ahead without clear direction from the Lord. In order to be sure you have God’s go-ahead, there are three components to consider.


Joshua examined the moldy bread, the worn out clothes presented by the Gibeonites. He accepted their story without inquiring of the Lord. While we are always to examine situations carefully before making decisions, we can’t rely on our senses alone. Every important decision needs to be a matter covered in prayer. 


Wisdom and caution must be shown when entering into agreements with people. Even though Joshua realizes he was tricked by the Gibeonites, he honored the agreement he had made with them. Being deceived did not invalidate the promises he had made to them. We must be true to our word whether others prove faithful or not.


It’s interesting to note the Gibeonites made a “peace” treaty with Joshua. Yet those around Joshua were disturbed by the Gibeonites. They felt a sense of uneasiness. A lack of peace in your spirit is always a sure sign of not having God’s guidance or permission to move ahead. Before a major decision is made, examine these three areas.


Have you prayed about it? Do you have peace?