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Ages and Stages


“the multitudes . . . were constantly added to their number,” Acts 5:14


It is of great importance that we not forget that while the gospel of Christ calls us to relationship with Him, it’s not an isolated relationship. It’s a personal relationship which has social consequences. We must remember that while His saving work starts within us, it doesn’t end with us. For no one lives unto themselves.

In the sight of God, we are individuals. Each is a unique son or daughter of God. Nevertheless, we are joined to a larger community, the community of the church, whose influence is ever spreading, ever widening across the earth. Knowing this frames our life in a completely different vantage point.

God is always working in our lives to make our lives helpful to others. The lessons of faith and trust we learn from personal pain, the times we have endured hardship, the times we were placed in the fire in order to be purified; all the ages and stages we’ve lived through weren’t just for our own sanctification. No way, they were designed so we could be a help to others. 

The people who had listened to Peter preach had been saved and healed by the power of God, had returned to their homes and testified of Jesus as Messiah. They brought the sick and possessed from the surrounding areas to be healed and set free. The Gospel was spreading to more and more people.

It’s our attitude of surrender and submission of love, and glad trust which is the compelling force of the success of the church. Our willingness to follow Jesus, our faithfulness in hardships means greater influence and blessing in the lives of others.

To be in the company of His community inspires others to think great things for our families and city. We find ourselves strengthened by being in relationship with those who are in relationship with Jesus.  It engages us in a worthy and noble endeavor of extending God’s kingdom throughout the earth. 


Is your life helping others as you have been helped? In what ways are you adding to the church?