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First-Rate Faith


“. . . take care what you propose to do with these men.” Acts 5:35


We do what we believe. Everything else is just religious talk. There will be circumstances when our beliefs will be tested. It’s easy to talk of having confidence in God and to speak of how we trust Him for great results. Such bold statements don’t rest in idleness. They must be challenged, proven, and worked out in real time.

There came a day when Gamaliel was suddenly called into a meeting of the Sanhedrin. The ringleaders of the Christian movement had been caught. The evidence against them was indisputable. The apostles had defied the Sanhedrin by speaking of the crucified Savior who was both Prince and King. Death for these followers of Christ was imminent. 

But then, a doctor of the law, a man of honor named Gamaliel, showed up, stood up and spoke up. He spoke the truth, seasoned with grace and reason. He gives one of the finest defenses of the faith found in the New Testament, “I say to you, stay away from these men, let them alone.” If you read the whole account of his speech, you’ll notice his words prevailed. 

The one whose faith succeeds in the real world is rooted in a firm belief in God. It’s not a faith “about” God, but a strong deeply-held, unwavering confidence “in” God. Such a firm faith believes that behind all things, before all things, working through all things, there is God.

That kind of first-rate faith has stepped across the line between fear and courage, between restlessness, and peace, between intolerance, and patience. It believes with the heart and soul. It grows because it’s been certified, tried, true, and trustworthy. Belief in only God becomes our own when we use it in daily life. By holding to the truth, believing it with your whole heart, by working with all your might to first make it real to yourself, and then showing its beauty to others.


In what ways are you owning your faith?