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“The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, . . .” Acts 5:30


The resurrection is the most stunning fact of history. The weight of it is so powerful it makes all other miracles in the gospel pale in comparison. The resurrection gives context to the elements of Christianity. 

It explains the contents of scriptures. The writers of the Old Testament looked toward it. The authors of the New Testament, who had seen and experienced the risen Jesus, penned verse after verse telling of new life in Jesus. It explains the disciples. The difference between the men they were, and who they became, can only be explained by the resurrection. The timid became courageous zealots for the sake of the kingdom.

The resurrection was the creative act of God. A new demonstration of a new living power. The resurrection tells us of the kind of God He is. He’s a God of righteousness, purity, and truth, so unbending that Christ went to the cross rather than yield to the forces of the world. He’s a God of love. That’s the message of Calvary. But when He rose again, we discover He has the power to subdue the strong man and tame the hostile forces of the world. Jesus taps the resources of God by which every stronghold is pulled down. When He steps into the world, a spiritual factor comes into play which changes the whole world.

There is a view of the resurrection which turns life into a mere passageway to heaven. That’s not how the disciples saw it. They saw how the Spirit of God had taken the body of Jesus, marred, wounded, and broken as it was, and made it a vehicle of the Spirit. They said to themselves, “If this is the power of the God we serve, this new creative power that lives in Jesus, then it’s possible for us to be and live the life He has called us to live.” 


Life would be awakened if we took time to steep our souls in the reality of the resurrection. The resurrection has meaning for this life. Today, we have a risen life, a new quality of living. Let your heart palpitate with all the victorious possibilities made available through our risen Lord.