The Problem of Your Problems

He Has Risen! He Has Risen Indeed! This week we pause from our study of the book of Acts to breathe deep the fresh air of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. This week’s devotionals are designed to awaken the senses to the unending strength of the Lord’s reign in our life. They are designed to stir the soul to once again trust in His ability to roll the stones out of our way, that we may know His life in us. Take some time read the Devotionals slowly. Contemplate what the Lord is saying to you. Share them with a friend or repost them for others to read. 

The Problem of Your Problems


“. . . they said among themselves, . . .” Mark 16:3


Look at everyone around you. Whispering to themselves. Alone with their thoughts. Trying to make sense of their problems. Silently facing a difficultly they never imagined would be theirs to experience. We borrow hurt from future days. We are filled with feelings of reservation, suspicion, and anxiety. Feelings which have no existence outside our heart. What’s the problem with our problems? They look too heavy to move.

As we see Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James, and Salome standing in the garden, they couldn’t imagine who could roll away the grave stone. It was too heavy for their weak hands to move. Their problem was not the situation, it was in themselves. This is where our difficulties always reside. Their problem wasn’t from real facts, it was shaped out of their uninformed fears. 

But the stone was rolled away. Pierced hands had done for them what they could not do for themselves. This the essence of the ministry of Christ. The empty tomb tells us that though life is a problem, it’s a solved problem. On that relocated stone is the story of our problem, written in the language of heavenly hope. But often, we think too much of our problem and not enough of the scarred hands who threw open the tomb.

Facing our stone is the greatest problem of all. We would just as soon avoid it. But here in the time between shadow and light, God means for us to face and feel the whole triumph of faith; from the struggle of the heart to believe to the touch of the scarred hands who unseals the grave, over which our heart breaks. When we have passed beyond our heavy stone we find the tender love of Jesus.

We are sometimes like these three women mourning the dead and heavy things we can’t fix. We need a vision of the empty tomb. He’s not here, He has risen! He’s gone ahead of you, He’s tasted the death of your problem. The whispers and shadows in which we live are the result of our half knowledge and unfaith. The empty tomb brings to light that He is the Lord of life and this life.


What is the stone at which you are staring?