ACTS | The Danger of Being a Christian

The Danger of Being a Christian


“But none of the rest dared to associate with them; . . .” Acts 5:13


Christianity is not for the faint of heart. There are easier religions of meditation and contemplation. Be sure you know Christianity is not a playground, it’s a battle ground. Every day we are faced with a conflict. We are pulled in opposite directions between safety and serving Christ. 

Many Christians around the world today are facing the very same dangers Peter and the apostles were facing. The danger of being put in jail, or even execution. But there is another danger to which we are exposed every day. The danger of being different.

As much as most of us would prefer to fade into the crowd, to just blend in, to go along, to get along, our faith in Jesus gives us no such luxury. Verse 13 refers to “the rest,” meaning those interested spectators who hesitated to identify themselves with Christians, those who feared being a courageous witness in public. 

The Christian thinks differently about life and the universe than most of society. Believers behave differently towards others they don’t know, not looking at other’s appearances, but looking at their spirits instead. Disciples have a different value for money. They live simply for the sake of generosity. The Christian belongs to a community of faith, prayer, gives more than they can afford, and is not easily offended nor seeks revenge when wronged. All these things make us different. 

The danger to which we are exposed is not a cell block or a chopping block; it’s the danger of a laugh, a sneer, a belittling remark, the cold silence of rejection. To be ostracized because of our faith in Jesus can, for many, be a bitter punishment. Being in the presence of Jesus gives a boldness that outstrips our need for the approval of others. Listen to the Spirit’s voice today, who calls you out into the light of His love. We know perfect love casts out fear.


What keeps you from being a dangerous Christian?