ACTS | Less or Nothing

Less or Nothing


“. . . sold a piece of property,” Acts 5:1


New life. That’s the message and the means of the church. A fresh beginning caused by the resurrection – that’s the commodity the church offers to those who are seeking. We are presence peddlers. We are hope dealers. We are pushers of the promise. We traffic in transformation. 

There’s always been a close bond between the apostles’ witness of the resurrection and the life of the community of Christ. In the early church, resurrection power was at work, not only to heal the sick, but transform the self-centered into self-sacrificing. The change was remarkable and noticeable. Every church is meant to be powered by the resurrection. It offers more than the world’s temporary fix. 

People who have been ordinarily preoccupied with their own concerns come into the church. By the atmosphere of the worshiping community through relationships with other Jesus followers, their horizons are broadened. Their hearts are softened. They come to know and feel the needs of their people.

They share what they have with those who have less or nothing at all. Soon they discover the more they focus on serving others, the more time they give to the needs of others, their own burdens are eased by other believers who bear the weight of their personal needs. As a result, their lives begin to pulse with a new life. At the same time, the old life of greed and selfishness, seems a narrow and useless way to have lived.

The church’s healing power is in Jesus. With one dose, they never recover from the infusion of the resurrection. People who have tasted of real community will never be the same. And neither will the world.


Get connected to other believers. Be a part of a house church. Find a people group and serve.