ACTS | Leaky Generosity

Leaky Generosity


“. . . distributed to each as any had need.” Acts 4:35


Listening for thunder, waiting for lightning. That’s what we do in our faith journey. We believe if we could just see God do something so extraordinary, so astounding, so miraculous, it will trigger greater growth in our faith. And others would be convinced as well. We believe if we could just hear God audibly speak to us, then we’d have more confidence and be so much stronger. 

The early church had plenty of signs and wonders, but they didn’t seek the miracles for their own sake. They only wanted Jesus to be known to all those in their city. Their life was in the fellowship of the Spirit. They walked with God. The one who had made the world, who had spoken through the prophets, the one who had sent Jesus and then raised Him from the dead.

The early church, like us, thought more miracles would promote their cause. More supernatural demonstration would add more people to the kingdom. What they did not realize at the time, was it would be their unity, love, hope, and willingness to share their money and goods that would be their most powerful weapon in the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus.

They were fully aware that it was God’s hand that was healing the sick and needy. Though their hands were the channels of His benevolent love, they had been filled with His Spirit and they would be filled again and again. As sure as they were that they would be filled with the Spirit, they would leak out the Spirit on the broken once again. 

The Spirit of God is the source of generous giving. When the church is filled with the presence of the Spirit of Jesus, her pockets will be easily emptied. His generous grace thaws out our frozen grip on finances. The transforming warmth of His Presence causes the frozen streams to flow into the life of the church. The generosity of the church causes the wilderness of the lost, lonely, and the least to be transformed into gardens of grace.


Is your giving to the church frozen or fluid?