A Full Hand and A Fearful Heart

He Has Risen! He Has Risen Indeed! This week we pause from our study of the book of Acts to breathe deep the fresh air of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. This week’s devotionals are designed to awaken the senses to the unending strength of the Lord’s reign in our life. They are designed to stir the soul to once again trust in His ability to roll the stones out of our way, that we may know His life in us. Take some time read the Devotionals slowly. Contemplate what the Lord is saying to you. Share them with a friend or repost them for others to read. 

A Full Hand and A Fearful Heart


“. . . when the Sabbath was past, . . .  they bought spices” Mark 16:1


The devotion of a disciple is displayed in daily life. The women came to the tomb with spices in their hands, appropriate for embalming a dead body, a last tribute of love. The women of the resurrection powerfully portray a love that does not end with death. They came to pay the last reverence that could be paid. Their sad journey of faithfulness tells the story of a full hand and a fearful heart.

They had come prepared with the necessary items but their service was put on hold. Not because they had nothing to offer, they were afraid they would not find a way to finish their service of Jesus’ body. They were perplexed, “Who will roll the stone away for us?” What a question of unused power, un-offered service. Often, our lives get stalled by misapprehension.

The hindrance to our services is that which is found in our hearts. Our unwillingness to see beyond our limitation undermines service to the Lord. However, when one goes on in devotion, faithfully serving in times of disappointment, darkness and defeat, doing what little can be done, one will meet with the unexpected. Something happens that’s beyond our strength and power. A new supernatural strength kicks in. 

These women were thinking in terms of their own strength. Based on those terms, the question is unanswerable. The stone was too heavy for them to move; they saw the stone as a massive obstacle. This type of thinking can easily defeat our best efforts. More than we know, in spite of our belief in God, we tend to see our life through the lens of our own strength and capacity.

Here is this mountainous stone. We all have them. The stone of grief, regret, a shame stone, a guilt stone, the stone of dreams crushed beyond restoration. We look at the stone and think how will I ever get beyond this great boulder? But God always has an answer, He has so many ways of opening closed tombs. He has revealed it in the first Easter – the power of faith.


What stone has rolled over you?