ACTS | The Tension of Treasure

The Tension of the Treasure


“. . . not one of them claimed anything belonged to him . . .” Acts 4:32


Money. It dominates our time, energy and focus. We think about it, we seek after it and strive for it, every day of our life. Nothing reveals what the heart values more than our wallet. 

The theme of these verses is money. What we see here is the result of Pentecost. With the resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit released into the lives of believers, there was an atmosphere of generosity. A charitableness so unique that it could’ve easily been generated by the presence of God at work in all those who were following in the ways of Jesus.  

Believers find themselves living in two worlds. This present world filled with sin and greed, is a world in which we live, but are not citizens. Then, the other world, the kingdom of Heaven, of which we belong and work to introduce others to. Until we pass on and one day make Heaven our final home, there will always be tension between the two worlds. 

Nowhere is the tension between these two worlds more acute than in the issue of money. We are faced daily with the challenge to decide to which kingdom our income belongs. Which will rule in our life? Will it be the gold or God?

The kingdom of God is characterized by love, peace, and generosity. This was true of the first century, New Testament church. The whole community of God was one in heart and mind. There was no needy person among them. They didn’t embrace generosity as a theory, but as an actual way of life. They truly were a living illustration of God’s gracious kingdom on earth. 

We, as a church, are called to practice love through generosity. No longer are we to give out of obligation, legislation, or compulsion, but rather, as an expression of love and the newness which flows out of the life in the Spirit. 

If we take this text seriously, which we should, then the most important thing the text tells us concerns the generosity of the church. The church has resolved the tension of treasure by yielding control into the hands of the One who owns everything.


Break the grip of materialism by recognizing He owns the contents of your life.