Into The Ruins

Into The Ruins


“For the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10


Imagine for a moment you could have a bible study with Jesus. There you sit with your bible in your lap, knee-to-knee with Jesus. An opportune moment to have your questions answered. Opening your bible, you begin to look through the New Testament and ask Jesus Himself what it’s all about. 

Then, you hear Jesus speak in plain and simple terms, in language simple enough even a child could understand what He was saying. He might take you to a chapter and verse, pointing you to the phrases summarizing His motive and objective behind everything He did and said, “The Son of Man came,” or “I have come.”

We don’t pay much attention to those verses. We’d rather rub our own ideas together, taking a shot at speculating our own answers, rather than know the plain truth according to Jesus. 

He came to serve not to be served. He came to fulfill not destroy. He came to reveal the truth of God. He came to be light in a darkened world. And the light was hard and harsh on those who opposed Him. It always is. He came for those who didn’t already know it all, they just knew they were lost without Him. He came for those who would rather spit at life than to believe in anything at all. He came to seek and to save.

Jesus lived the beauty of God the Father. He made others want eternity, for eternity. He showed them life as it was meant to be lived – that nobody had to go on trying to win God’s forgiveness, or trying to earn their way into heaven. 

Armed with the fact of God’s love and power, He went out into the ruins; where there was no loyalty or obedience, and only a little hope left, to struggle through the crevices of a hundred broken promises and half-hearted starts. There He sought and saved the lost.


Could it be that we are also the lost? In the city, at home, but further away than any journey could take us. Lost until we begin to walk where He walked and die where He died.