The God of "RE"

The God Of “RE”


“. . . And he hurried and came down, and received Him gladly.  . .” Luke 19:6


Lost! We’ve all known the feeling. Loss comes in many forms. Lost is a solitary thing. All the world suffers from it, a bitter nagging, a weary sense that something is missing, an emptiness which cannot be filled. To be lost is one of the most haunting phrases in scripture, but it’s against the black background of separation that the radiant light of the gospel is revealed. 

In the pages of the New Testament, lost does not mean doomed or condemned. Lost means to be in the wrong place. As Zacchaeus was in a sycamore tree, he was out of place.

A person is lost when they have wandered away from God. Once they are found they take their rightful place in the house of the Father. Jesus delighted in seeking and saving. Jesus loved to bring things back to life. In an instant Zacchaeus discovered Jesus was the God of RE. He can RE-establish life as it was meant to be. What we soon find out is that what was lost, we can have back again.

He REstores lost image.

Our original image was reduced to commonplace. As the years pass, we tend to cheapen the value we place on ourselves. The world blinds us to who God has created us to be. The Son of man has come to seek and save our lost image. 

He REcovers lost passion.

The drive to live for Him once light and heat began to die out, He takes the fire from His altar and transfers it to our cold weary heart. He brings His passion to our indifference. In Christ, our lost passion can be recovered.

He REturns lost hope.

There are dry seasons in spiritual life, when we get stagnant and lose strength and it seems we’ve not grown as disciples. The only remedy for hopelessness is a closer connection with the Lord Jesus. Let the Lord talk to you about His hope for you. While you listen, hope will return.

He REnews lost joy.

When joy is gone, strength is gone. We must go back to Him as our source of life. We need to cry out, “Restore to me the joy of my salvation.” 


What’s been lost in your life? Let Him seek and save it once again.