ACTS | Hear & See

Hear & See


“. . . the things we've seen and heard." Acts 4:20


There is nothing more powerful than a convinced heart. It's the answer to a world in search of the love of God. When confronted by the disbelieving threats of others, when opposition comes as the result of our faith, we stand on what we have seen and heard.

Peter is speaking inspired by the Holy Spirit from a memory of his relationship with Jesus. He is living it all over again, the inspiration of those images pulsating through his mind and heart.  

Peter remembered the glorious transfiguration, the long cold night of Gethsemane. The ice dawn of his denial. The look on Jesus’ face filled Peter’s eyes with bitter tears. The gruesome scene of Calvary as Jesus suspended between earth and sky. Peter watched his friend and Lord die a lonely death. From the crowd where Peter stood, he saw Jesus look with love on the multitudes filled with hate.

Peter remembers the empty grave, his meeting with the risen Lord, followed by the Master’s heart-searching question, "Do you love me?" He remembered the grace shown him, how he had been received again into the confidence of His Lord. These thoughts, one after the next, shot through his mind, they made Peter invincible. Threats paled in comparison to all he had seen and heard. 

While it’s true we cannot share in the Peter’s earthly experience of Jesus, and even though we didn't have the privilege of walking along side of Jesus, we can be friends with Jesus in the Spirit. Even now, there are wonderful things for us to see and hear of His Presence. 

It's possible to gaze so intently on the sufferings of Jesus that our body feels His crucified tiredness. It is possible to look so deeply at the glory of the risen King that the power of His resurrection works in our Spirit. His wounds and ways can only be heard and seen when we are in His presence. 

A real personal experience of Christ’s saving power can be heard and seen. When one moves from timidity to boldness, then change is easily seen and heard. They will be compelled to impart to others what they have received. Our experience with Christ is to be so full that our voice becomes the natural vehicle of our soul. 


Contemplate all you've heard and seen of Jesus in your life.