ACTS | Rescued!



"Neither is there salvation in any other:" Acts 4:12


Love, grace, unity, knowledge, divine, heaven, are all words people are comfortable using when speaking of God. The tension arises whenever the name of Jesus is spoken. Even more when Jesus is mentioned as the only way to heaven. 

The thought of Jesus being the exclusive entrance to knowing God is offensive, because it dispels the popular idea that all religions are equal. It's undeniable that one religion is not as good as another. 

The practice of child sacrifice performed by some religions is not as good as the value and care shown to children in Christianity. Nor is the caste system in Hinduism as good as the doctrine of human dignity of Christianity. The works based system Islam requires of its followers is not as good as freedom offered in Christ. These are matters of truth and cannot be disputed.

Choosing a religion is not a matter of preference, it's a matter of what claims the heart. Jesus may not appeal to everyone, He may be offensive, or a stumbling block to some. But He can claim the heart of anyone who seeks Him. Those who take other roads to discover God soon find that Jesus is on every road. 

A story is told of a man who was placed in a prison. Its floors and walls were highly polished, but it was roofless, the prisoner could breathe the fresh air, look out on the beautiful sky and see the stars at night. He could see the sun hanging high above him. After a time in the prison, he noticed the walls were gradually and slowly closing in on him. It was as if those walls were being pulled by gravity. Inch by inch the walls drew nearer and nearer, they came closer and closer. The sweat stood up on his brow for he knew the walls would soon be his death. There was but one way of escape and that was from above. This story is our story. Religion boxes every person in with rules, regulations, rituals, and routines, slowly squeezing us to death.

Thankfully, relief comes from above. From His throne in heaven, Jesus reaches down His hand of power into our dungeon. Our only hope is to grasp it, or the walls will surely crush us to death.


Who in your life needs to hear of the rescuing power of Jesus?