ACTS | Getting Out of Your Own Way

Getting Out of Your Own Way


". . . Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, . . ." Acts 4:8


Acceptance is a powerful force. Once fear dissolves, it leaves a vacuum. With acceptance, the emptiness is filled with courage. Personal power is the result. No longer are you bullied by your own fear and weaknesses. Soon, you'll find yourself doing and saying things you never imagined. 

It is interesting to note the growth of the apostle Peter. How he came to be the most articulate preacher of the group. We first meet him as a fisherman, earning his living catching and selling fish. He had not imagined his life ever being any more than making a living within the horizon of the Sea of Galilee. There's no indication of his interest reaching beyond this little rural town, dealing with the pressures every worker faced there. 

As the story unfolds, Peter becomes one of the inner circle of Jesus, along with James and John. Peter is one of a few present during some of the most strategic events of Jesus’ life. Peter was the first to see Jesus was more than a void friend. Peter sees Jesus as the holy one of God. Peter had his weaknesses, his eyes were red with anger at Jesus’ arrest. Peter eyes were heavy with sleep in the garden with Jesus. At the time of Jesus’ trial, his eyes were wet with tears of denial. 

Now look at Peter! Filled with the Spirit. He speaks with power and eloquence that command the attention of the crowd and the most powerful authorities. He is living outside the limits of his own abilities. He's filled with a power greater than his limitations. He gets into the Spirit and out of his own way. 

He proudly rises to speak before the superior and the simple and the sincere. He concludes by blowing the thought boundaries of the listeners. Peter concludes by saying not only that Jesus saves, but He is the only One that saves. He speaks clearly and in such a way to draw thousands to conviction, repentance, and life change. 

Peter became a flaming torch in the hand of God. What was the difference? He was confident of his Savior’s love for him. When fear and cowardice died, the Spirit filled him. He got out of his own way.


What of you is getting in your way?