Faith in the Blood of Christ

This week we are taking a break from our study in Acts, to focus on the Cross. What it cost Jesus. The depth of His commitment, and its power in your life. Take some time to read the devotionals carefully and thoughtfully. Let the memory and the ministry of the Cross reignite a deeper devotion to the Lord Jesus. Please share them with others by reposting them in their entirety or by quoting the sections that spoke to you.

Faith in the Blood of Christ


“And you know that He appeared in order to take away sins; and in Him there is no sin. . . .”1 John 3:5-8


When the process of salvation begins to take place, the Holy Spirit at the invitation of the individual, begins to pour life and light into the heart. The blood of Jesus Christ is energy, it’s the life of God, the glory of the Spirit of God. Just call upon the name of the Lord and God will answer you immediately. God will save you. 

What do we mean by the word “save”? The quickening Spirit of God enters into a dead soul and the dead soul becomes a living soul. A living soul begins to respond to God in a way it could not respond before. The chief instrument of salvation then, is the blood of Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus Christ is the life of God. The life of God is available to all. Those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

When an individual calls upon the name of the Lord, admitting they are a sinner in need of a Savior, new life enters by the soul being touched with the blood of Christ. As the blood of Jesus Christ touches the realm of human existence, the individual is quickened and comes alive. What was once dead in trespasses and sin, now is  alive. 

God made Adam a living soul. Because of sin Adam died. Jesus broke into human history as the second Adam, the one who redeems lost lives. The power and presence of the blood of Jesus Christ resurrects a dead soul into a living soul.

 A new appetite for the things of God has awakened. Your soul becomes conscious and now wants different food. It does not want to feed anymore upon things of the world, the trash, the darkness. The human spirit now hungers for light. The spiritual blood of Jesus courses through our spiritual heart. It’s His life, it’s His purity, it’s His power which fills us anew. 


Has your soul been touched by the blood of Christ? Then feed on a different food than the world has to offer.