Think of the Cross

This week we are taking a break from our study in Acts, to focus on the Cross. What it cost Jesus. The depth of His commitment, and its power in your life. Take some time to read the devotionals carefully and thoughtfully. Let the memory and the ministry of the Cross reignite a deeper devotion to the Lord Jesus. Please share them with others by reposting them in their entirety or by quoting the sections that spoke to you.

Think of the Cross


“. . . and He went out, bearing His own cross, . . .” John 19:17


Don’t be fooled by the pastel colors of the season. It’s not about egg drops, it’s not about egg hunts, or having your picture taken with Easter bunny at the mall. In the history of Christianity, Easter was a much darker time. It was a time of great uncertainty. It was a time when the Cross loomed high in the dark sky. We are called to contemplate the Cross.

Contemplation does not require expensive journals, over-priced coffee, and mood music. It doesn’t need a tweed jacket or pants made of hemp, pipes or a driving cap. That’s all style without substance, a masquerade without meaning. It’s an attempt to look deep, without actually being deep.

Contemplation is pressing in on the Cross until something breaks loose in the Spirit; until the heart is crushed and the conscience is stirred, being overwhelmed by the harsh reality that God did not spare His own Son. Focus on what causes God to suffer to the point of giving His only begotten Son, and your Spirit will never again be the same.

Take the Cross to heart. You are the one who killed Christ. Your sin certainly crucified Him. When you see the nail driven through His hands, be sure that it’s you doing the pounding. When the thorn’s pierce His brow, know it’s your evil thoughts. Consider if one thorn pierced Christ, you deserve a thousand more.

Through the work of the Spirit your heart will be softened. That is the only hope for deep transformation.

When the Cross of Christ is firmly rooted in the heart out of love for Christ, you become an enemy of sin. The Cross is no longer a sacrament, but is now the source from which we live and move and have our being.

Remember the Cross when you do, sickness pales in comparison with His thorns. When things don’t work out, remember how He was bound and dragged through the city. If pride hits you, think of His humility on the Cross. If you are tempted by hate, envy, or vengeance, think of how Christ forgave His enemies. When you don’t get your way, think of the anguish of Christ.


Think of the Cross.