Ground Sink

This week we are taking a break from our study in Acts, to focus on the Cross. What it cost Jesus. The depth of His commitment, and its power in your life. Take some time to read the devotionals carefully and thoughtfully. Let the memory and the ministry of the Cross reignite a deeper devotion to the Lord Jesus. Please share them with others by reposting them in their entirety or by quoting the sections that spoke to you.

Ground Sink


“They came to a place called Gethsemane. . .” Mark 14:32


When Jesus and the disciples left the upper room, they were about a mile and half away from Gethsemane. It was nine o’clock when Jesus reached the garden with His disciples. The moon lit the night sky, the earth was still covered with darkness. 

Jesus’ heart was as heavy as it had ever been. The time of His trial and suffering was near. His soul was filled with sorrow. The disciples felt uneasy and disturbed as well. In the past, Jesus had always consoled them in their times of trouble. They didn’t understand how He could be so dejected. Then, at once, He turned to them and spoke, “my soul is sorrowful even to the point of death.” Sin and suffering were surrounding Him on all sides. His heart, mind, and body were beginning to feel the wrath of God against sin. 

Then, Jesus went on a little beyond them, down a hill and concealed Himself about six feet below a great rock. The ground seemed to sink in around Him. The garden was a place of pressing. The sorrow and anguish of His soul continued to increase because of all the sins which had been and were to be committed, from the fall of Adam to the end of the world, along with the punishment they deserved.

It was there in the garden Adam and Eve took refuge when being driven out of Eden to wander homeless on the earth. It was at the very place where Jesus was now praying.  Jesus, the One who knew no sin, was becoming sin. The sins of the world displayed themselves in every depraved, diabolical, deformity, and He took them all upon Himself.

Personalize the garden struggle. Remember, among the sins that Jesus took on Himself, I saw my own sin. In a steady stream, I saw each one of my faults flow towards me in never-ending succession. But my eyes were fixed on my High Priest, with Him I wept and prayed, I was crushed with Him, I turned towards heaven. In His death, I am redeemed; in His life, I am restored.


Take some time to contemplate the garden struggle.