ACTS | A Prayer for Boldness

A Prayer for Boldness


“. . . and spoke the word of God boldly.” Acts 4:31


When given the option for fight or flight, many choose to take flight. Our first instinct when faced with external, spiritual pressure, is to pray for protection. Yet, Peter and John ask for the boldness to stand strong.

There are many times in the books of Luke and Acts where the disciples are called upon to not shrink back in the face of bullying. The voice of their Lord and Master resonated within their heart; “Do not be afraid, do not be silent, I am with you.”

The church is always to move from prayer into contact with the misery of the world, knowing full well that its presence is a disruptive force. Still we are to testify of the power of Christ to the powers that be. And then, once again, return to pray for boldness and the power needed to be witnesses to what’s happening in the world. In repeating the actions of worshiping and witnessing, the church discovers its source of life is not in programs or processes, but of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When faced with brow-beating and coercion from the opposition, the only thing the early church asked for was boldness to speak of the glorious presence of God. The trembling and the shaking of the place was a sign the church’s prayer had been heard.

What do Christians do in the face of intimidation? They turn to God. In the same way, God who created the world and all of its inhabitants, holds all things within His power. The early Church helps us to see that even persecution from powerful people does not take us out of the hands of God. The same power that brought the world into being will be with His church in times of threats and thunder.


Spend some time worshiping the Lord, receive a fresh filling of boldness, because today you will need it.