ACTS | Heart Level

Heart Level


“And being let go they went to their own company . . .” Acts 4:23


We love our freedom. We feel entitled to it. It is one of our inalienable rights. Everything in our life drifts toward it. We long to break free from obligations for fewer hours of work, less debt, less restrictions and more free time. We look at freedom as a prize and a positive good, whatever it may lead to.

It was for freedom that He set us free. However, it is not our freedom to do whatever we desire, it is His freedom He has given us. Our freedom in Christ is a test. It’s a test of our character, it reveals who we really are and what we really value.

How we handle our freedom in Christ is soul-searching and self-revealing. What we do with our freedom, what we think, what we seek, shows us who we are.

When the apostles were let go, they went to their own company. They went to Stephen, Mary of Bethany and Matthew, the publican and all the rest. It was a revelation of the sincerity of their faith. It was a declaration of their loyalty to Jesus. It revealed where their treasure was and the things they valued most in life.

The things we do with our freedom either make us or mar us. We have only to look at our choices to see how we function in our freedom. When the clock strikes five, where do your thoughts go? Where do you think of going? What are the pleasures you gravitate towards? How is your free time used? On your days off, when you have no need to concentrate on tasks, where does your imagination go? What is the topic of conversation with your friends? Is your talk affirming or degrading? What habits have you developed that you don’t want others to know about? To what have you given your worship?

Everyday our life is judging us, showing us what we really value, if we will only open our eyes to what our behavior is telling us about who we are at heart level.


Use the questions in this devotional to examine how you are using your freedom.