ACTS | The Interiority of the Soul

The Interiority of the Soul


“. . . so that your sins may be wiped out, . . .” Acts 3:19


Surrendering to Christ is essential, but we all come to Jesus in different seasons, all facing different circumstances. Some have found Jesus at the long, winding road of suffering and deep loss. While others came to know Him in the safety and security of a Christ-believing, God-honoring family. As a result, no one’s faith story is the same. 

However, there are common areas in each of our journeys to know Christ. Common areas, where true change as the result of the presence of Christ, are obvious. Take a look at the interiority of your soul. Anyone united with Christ gets a fresh start, they are created new. The old is gone, a new life begins. 

Our position in Christ always impacts the condition of our living. There are distinctive areas of our life we can examine. The health of these areas help to diagnose our spiritual progress.

The salvation of our morals.

Whenever one turns from sin to God, there’s a change in their ways. It’s possible for an individual to be held in the grip of immoral passions, being a slave to their senses. Their imagination entrenched in corrupt thoughts. Knowing Jesus redeems the depraved, graceless passions that now become pure passion that seeks Him.

The salvation of our spiritual life.

Before salvation, one perspective of God is that of a hard task-master. Upon knowing Jesus, the discovery is that God is not hard, but that He is gracious and loving. We no longer live in the gloom of Mount Sinai, but in the sweet light of Calvary. God is not a law-giver, but a Father. 

The salvation of our intellect.

The great questions of life remain a mystery and a puzzle until one experiences Christ. In Christ, the religious and philosophical answers are found. The presence of Christ renews the mind. All of our thoughts are drawn, driven by His work of redemption. 

The salvation of the practical.

The greatest evidence of the work of salvation is a changed life. We discover a new desire to serve Jesus by serving the church. The love of Jesus leads us to the loyalty of Jesus, serving others selflessly.


Do you see the evidence of salvation in these four areas of your life?