ACTS | Keeping Company with Jesus

Keeping Company with Jesus


“. . . having been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13


Being with Jesus is unmistakable. We either have or we haven’t. There is no middle ground no gradual progress. Every time there’s personal contact with Jesus, His words take on new meaning. The depth of them is unlocked for us. We are covered with an unrestrained confidence from our thoughts to the direction of our feet.

The Apostles were called unlearned and ignorant, though they did not appear as such. They spoke with freedom. Their knowledge of scripture and the force of their reasoning convinced rulers that they were superior in their ability. The only conclusion the religious leaders could draw was that they had been with Jesus.

Today, we have His word, which communicates the instructions they heard, the works they saw, the example they followed, the devotion they experienced, and the renewing influence of the Spirit that moved them. Along with that, we have the sanctifying power of His message.

In regard to faith, knowledge, and virtue, we can be with Him as the Apostles were. His written word connects us to His voice as well as enriches our memory and deepens our understanding of Him. We are to walk with Him yielding to His will, loving Him as He first loved us. In the chambers of our own heart where hope, fear, and love reside, we are able to be with Him. 

Our having been with Jesus is proven during dark days, when hopes are betrayed, fears are realized, joys dashed into the stony presence of bitterness. Sooner or later, tough days will be every person’s companion. Sorrow serves as a stern suggester of doubts.  It is in the darkness our having been with Jesus is our support.

Being with Jesus is necessary to our spiritual life. Christ can only be known through personal fellowship. Keeping company with Christ in His word, in His sanctuary, in private, at His table, in service, will result in becoming like Him. We are changed in proportion to our identification with Him.

Though we may not always be conscience of the effect of being with Jesus, God sees it, the angels rejoice over it and others notice it and will be encouraged by it. Those who oppose the faith will be forced to admit it.


There is no substitute for being with Jesus.