A Prayer for the Breaking Points

We are taking a brief pause in our ongoing study in the Book of Acts during this week of Spring Break, and offer this week’s devos as we examine how our foundation of faith impacts our view on marriage. We would love for you to share these devotionals with your friends, if it has impacted you. We will resume our study of Acts on March 18th.

A Prayer for the Breaking Points


“pray without ceasing;” 1 Thessalonians 5:17


It’s possible to be at a breaking point without the breaking of your confidence. God expects us to rely on Him. We are to be so confident in Him, to believe He is so reliable, that we remain in total peace because of His character.

Prayer is the avenue of relationship. Marriage was intended to live out of mutual divine dependency. Our oneness with Jesus is reflected in the union of a husband and wife going to the Lord in prayer, and depending upon Him for strength to face any suffering, comfort any pain, and meet any need. Prayer acknowledges our absolute dependency upon God and draws upon Him as the source of abundant love. 

Prayer brings humility to a relationship and increases compassion for one another. In praying together about issues with the kids, or decisions in our daily life, you will be challenged to humbly acknowledge inadequacies, and submit to God’s unmerited favor.

There will be times when life crashes in upon us; we do all that’s humanly possible. It’s during these times that will reveal on whom it is we rely. It’s beneficial to use this simple prayer for the breaking points. “Lord, we want what You want; help us discern it and give us power to live it.” Regardless of the issue, praying this type of prayer together produces the experience of oneness in desires, and to know and do His will.

God has certainly created us with the capacity to bless our spouses by meeting their needs, but our expectations are to be directed toward God. God is the One who has promised to be the One who meets the needs of the faithful. Trying to find fulfillment with another person, before achieving a sense of identity in the Lord, forces your relationship with your spouse to become an attempt to complete yourself. Constant prayer pulls us away from this temptation.


What can you do today to begin trusting in God and not your spouse. Lord, show me the areas I need to work on to bring You into all the decisions I need to make.