ACTS | The Unconquerable Christ

The Unconquerable Christ


“. . . it was not possible that he should be held . . .” Acts 2:24


Jesus is alive. The message of the early church. They preached Jesus and His resurrection, that was the weight of their sermons. Their first concern was not to conform others to moral commands, but to sink into the heart of each follower, that Jesus is alive and will enter into a redeeming relationship with anyone who’ll receive Him. 

In his Pentecost sermon, Peter makes an incredible claim. What he says, in effect, is it stands to reason death could not hold Him. He doesn’t say that death did not hold Him, but that it could not, it was an impossibility.

Peter was not speculating or guessing. He had seen the risen Lord and spoken with Him. But that was not the basis of his faith. His faith was grounded on something more than sight and speech. He declares Jesus is alive! Of course He is, death has no claim on Him. The miracle is not the resurrection, the miracle would have been if He had not risen.

Death cannot extinguish the Spirit of His life. The history of the church is based on this one truth. The unconquerable life of Jesus continues to light the path of every generation which follow Him. He gives strength and guidance, influence and inspiration. The resurrection of Jesus is not a thing of the past, His words are not echoes of a day dead and gone. His presence is alive with energy and power and life.

Jesus is alive. He lives on in the world, His very life lives on in His disciples. It’s absurd to associate Him with death, since He is alive! It was impossible for death to hold the one who is filled with the life of God. 

Jesus is alive. It’s the intimate secret of our life in Christ. He is Lord of the seen and unseen. For Him there are no barriers or closed doors. He is the Christ who reigns over all, He is the Christ who reigns in us. Jesus was not born in the first century, He’s born in every heart who receives Him gladly. 


Jesus is alive. Think on this. He is in our midst, it’s the living Christ who makes Christianity, it’s Christ who infuses the church with substance.