ACTS | Fresh



“. . . your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams;” Acts 2:17


However the Holy Spirit may be explained, whatever names we use – the breath, the water, the fire, the Spirit – it’s undisputed that a new and wonderful power is at work in the lives of the followers of Jesus. His Spirit goes out through lands and to the ends of the earth, we feel something is at work inspiring, transforming lives.

It has arrived, power from above, the gift of the fire of Jesus. A fire which lifts us out of old armaments, cleanses the sin-sick soul, and empowers the weak. The Spirit has come. The Spirit is the fulfillment of all the prophets had spoken of, all that Jesus had died and risen again for, to make sure we would be sealed by the Spirit. 

We live in a world full of synthetic motivation, contrived by the want of more. The grasp for more quickly dissipates and we are left with disillusionment, living under the shadow of dullness and the fire is spent.

We are waiting for a new power, a fresh wind to come lift us out of disappointment. Throughout the history of the church the Spirit has come in various ways to restore our fainting hearts, to revive that which seemed to be all but gone. We would do well to believe He will breathe on the tired places of life. We cannot say how, for the wind blows where it wants.

We skin our knees on eternity and ask that times of refreshment will come. Like the first disciples, we can wait in faith and patience for the Spirit to fall once again.

The mark of the Spirit was not just a changed life, but also a vision that so consumes the heart, that it enlarges and elevates life to a greater possibility for themselves and others. A vision so big and grand, it seems unattainable, yet, it is a vision one would strive for, even give its life for. 

If this life is to be of any value, there are dreams and visions which must burst forth in our heart.


What dream has God placed in your heart? Is it a living dream? One you are daily reaching for?