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“. . . all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit . . .” Acts 2:4


No habit can ever be broken from our life by sheer willpower. A truly free and truly strong life only comes from being filled with the Spirit. Yet, in spite of having abundant access to the freeing power of the Holy Spirit, many continue living lives of limitation. Keeping the Holy Spirit at a respectable distance. Never realizing the desire of Jesus to pour out more of His Spirit into every detail of our life, until we become evidence of the sufficiency of Christ.

The heart of Christianity is a deep, intensely personal, relationship with the Lord Jesus in which the Christian lives moment-by-moment, fully surrendered to the will of King Jesus, through the person and power of the Holy Spirit. The starting point of experiencing the full life of the Spirit is a constant awareness that “life is not our own.” We are to live from a place of total dependence on Jesus. Only then can we fully function as directed. Our only hope for knowing Jesus, experiencing all He is as real in our life, is the work of the Holy Spirit.

The remarkable truth of the directed life is that it is not lived by nor dependent upon our personal strength, genius, or innovation. Rather, the more radically obedient a directed life is lived, the more the Christian taps into the fullness and flow of the Holy Spirit to fully succeed. The Spirit-filled life is never a matter of guess work, there will be obvious evidences of the filling of the Spirit.

More Jesus

The Holy Spirit is the way to Jesus and the way from Jesus, the Holy Spirit will always make Jesus more real to us.

More holiness

The filling always pushes out self and sin, while bringing us into a life of obedience.

More joy

The Spirit washes out pain, doubt, sorrow, and brings joy to fill all the spaces and places in the soul, so that His joy is made complete in us. 

More fruit

When the heart is full of God, life will be full of the product of the Spirit, which will spring up. 


Ask for a fresh work of His Spirit.